Recovery Products

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Solid Foundation Journal – The Solid Foundation Journal guides you in a process of spiritual exploration. It provides a place to record your thoughts, questions, and insights as you take time out of your day to “improve your conscious contact with God.” It allows you to write down your questions, reflections, prayers, and responses to the Spirit’s leading when you ask “What do I need to know today?” There is also a separate section on each page for reflections at the end of the day. The Solid Foundation includes 60 days’ worth of note pages for your reflections, with each day offering a two-page spread.



RecoveryJourneygraphicRecovery Journey – The Recovery Journey is a 90 day home study course that combines printed teaching resources, So meditations, and short “recovery assignments.” The program contains 13 weeks of materials, but you are free to work through it at your own pace. It will help you not only learn about how recovery happens, but actually help you personally take the steps  you need  in recovery.


RecoveryJourneySpousegraphic Recovery Journey (Spouse) – This is a partner program designed for spouses of sexual strugglers undergoing recovery. It is written and delivered in the same format as the Recovery Journey Program.



SIORgraphic Spiritual Issues of Recovery – This is a set of telephone seminar recordings with accompanying PDF notes. Each seminar discusses a different side of the spiritual issue of recovery: 1) Why churches struggle to help sexual strugglers… 2) Why we need support groups, not just accountability partners… 3) Spiritual questions & challenges of recovery… 4) Making peace with your past


8Keysgraphic 8 Keys to Lasting Recovery – This is a collection of audio teaching resources, designed to guide you through a realistic and sustainable recovery. Mark discusses the ‘three-circle plan’ (a method of breaking down sexual behaviors into healthy and destructive categories) and takes you through the process of putting your own plan together. He then goes on to discuss 8 components of Recovery, ranging from ending isolation, to adding positive experience in our lives. His teaching draws from personal experience and years of coaching other sufferers of addiction.



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