Free Online Training Event: “Helping Others Without Harming Yourself”

Date: 09.28.17

Time: 7:00 pm (central)

  • –If you are seeking to do important work in the world, but feel overwhelmed by it, this is for you.
  • –If you are challenged by anxiety and stress, and struggle to balance your service with the rest of your life, this is for you.
  • –If you are wanting to deepen the impact that your life makes, but need help doing so in a way that works for you … this is for you.

What is the format?

This event will be conducted in the form of a Webinar. You can also tune in by phone, and just hear the audio. Registrants will also be given access to a recording. 


Here’s what you will learn:

  • – Why the primary challenges we face are internal, and most of the help we’re given misses the mark
  • – The core questions / issues that, when settled, clear away much of the stress we feel
  • – How to do work that matters, and is likely stressful and challenging, but be able to “let it go” and be fully present to family and friends in your off-work life.???????
  • – How our society presents us with a false choice between peaceful, happy simplicity, or stressed-out engagement and meaningful contribution … and what to do about it.???????
  • – The role of faith and spiritual practice in dealing with stress … and why it’s not as simple as many people assume
  • – Specific, actionable strategies you can put into place to get clear about how you can maximize your impact and service
  • – About a new program that can help you maximize your impact and minimize your stress

Who is teaching this, and why should you care what he has to say?

I (Mark Brouwer) will be. 🙂 I hope that as a reader of this website, you know something of my story and experiences, as well as the thought and preparation I put into what I do. This webinar represents the distillation of my learnings in researching and writing the book “Thriving Leaders: Changing the World Without Wrecking Your Life.” This material came about as I have come to grips with my own experiences of stress and burnout as a spiritual leader, and then the work I’ve done as a coach and mentor to hundreds of other people — some in positions of spiritual leadership, some in other contexts.

My goal is to start a movement of Thriving Leaders … people who are equipped to serve God and others from a place of emotional and spiritual well-being. People doing important work … and doing it in a sustainable, life-giving way. Please join me!


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