About Us

Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint. In any and every environment, leaders today are under tremendous pressure. Our founder’s¬†background – and primary interest – is leadership in church contexts, but much of what is said here applies to leadership in other settings as well. The emotional and spiritual health of leaders in churches today is dangerously low, and the stresses and temptations they are facing is dangerously high.

This web site is part of the ongoing work of Renew Resources, an organization devoted to equipping people to serve God and others whole-heartedly. In it, we will not only offer information about the challenges leaders are facing today, we will offer solutions. These solutions come in three forms:

  1. Resources dealing with recovery from addiction and healthy spirituality. These resources come in the form of audio programs, a recovery home study program for sexual addiction, and a weekly email newsletter.
  2. Individualized consulting and coaching for pastors and churches. Sometimes leaders need someone to help sort through challenging situations … especially during times of crisis and transition. We are available to offer consultation for (a) pastors facing crisis as a result of ethical/moral violations (b) pastors experiencing burnout or uncertainty about next steps in their work (c) church boards wanting to establish guidelines for church staff support and accountability. For more information, contact Mark via the contact page.
  3. Booking Mark Brouwer as a speaker for an event in your community or church. Mark is an ordained pastor and experienced communicator, available for workshops or keynote presentations. , prepared to offer teaching on a variety of topics, including healthy leadership, sexual purity and sexual health, and spiritual issues in recovery. For more information, go to the speaking page.


Rev. Mark Brouwer


What you do is important. I want to help you keep doing it.