Thriving Leader Blueprint Program

The Thriving Leader Blueprint is a personal growth program to equip you get clarity about your purpose in life, and to live that out with more success and less stress. It is not just for people who hold formal positions of leadership: it’s for everyone who wants to increase their influence, to leave their mark in the world. The TLB is for busy people, and it’s not limited to those who can attend meetings in Chicago. You participate from your own office or home, using video and audio teaching, combined with telephone coaching and support.

The outcomes in the Thriving Leader Blueprint:

  1. get clarity about the specific area(s) where you want to invest your life
  2. quit worrying about whether you’re doing the right thing
  3. radically reduce your stress
  4. get more done, without feeling a constant nagging sense of all the “undone” needs
  5. be more present to family and friends
  6. discern how to know when God is leading you
  7. feel confident and peaceful about how your life is going
  8. stop wondering and worrying whether you’re on the right track
  9. know when to keep going and when to stop when something doesn’t seem to be working


The Thriving Leader Program Format:

  • Video Teaching Segments — one for each module (about 50 minutes each)
  • These videos are taught by Mark Brouwer, and include notes pages
  • Audios will be available of the teaching segments too
  • The week following each teaching session, there will be a group coaching session, again led by Mark
  • All sessions will be recorded and available for listening and/or viewing if you miss them live


Find Out More:

To learn more about this program, send a message to Mark Brouwer, using the contact form below. Thanks!

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