Overview of Life Coaching – and what it can do for you

Life-CoachingHere’s a link to a great general article about coaching by Leni Chauvin. I’m often asked about coaching, and am constantly on the lookout for metaphors to help people understand what I do, and how I can help them. (“It’s sort of like counselling, but not really.,” “It’s kind of like having consultant to help you with your own personal life challenges, with some important differences.” “It’s sort of like working with a personal trainer, in your own recovery,” etc., etc., etc.) I give up! Read this article!

Here’s an excerpt:

If you’ve heard about coaching, but don’t quite understand what it is or how it works, think of it in terms of athletics. In that realm, even a superstar as talented as Tiger Woods has a coach. Now people outside the sports world are beginning to discover that when it comes to something as important as attaining optimum success in business and in the game of life, the rest of us deserve to benefit from a coach, too.

As I said, this article talks about coaching in general, and I have one caveat about how it applies to the coaching I do. Recovery coaching (RC) is somewhat unique, and (unlike how the article portrays general life coaching) I believe RC requires personal experience in recovery and expertise in the field of addiction. RC will often be more directive than traditional coaching, depending on what the client needs. Even so, it is still coaching, and I am a respectful partner with the client, not an angry drill sergeant, or condescending guru.

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