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Category archives: Coaching

Overcoming Overwhelm in Ministry

I’ve noticed a theme in the lives of leaders I work with — most of whom are involved in church work: they are overwhelmed. They are overwhelmed by the demands of church ministry, they are overwhelmed with the needs they encounter, and they are overwhelmed by the amount of information available to them. There is a virtual flood of ideas washing over them every week for how to do their […]


Free Webinar: The Key Decision that will Overcome Overwhelm

Learn how to deal with the conflicting expectations and overwhelming assault of Things That Must Be Done that is the challenge of all leaders today. This free webinar will introduce you to the key question to ask – and answer – and the spiritual habits that will help you deal with the challenges you face.

Leadership Communities Teleseminar Recording - The Strategy for Maximizing your Spiritual Leadership

Leadership Communities…. What they are. How they work. And why they can help you. In this informative free teleseminar, program director Mark Brouwer will talk about what the new “Leadership Community Groups” are. He will describe the program, and explain how the groups work, and why they are life-changing for leaders who participate. These Leadership Community Groups will be starting in the Fall of 2013, and are built on the […]

Life Coaching in the News

CBS News ran a story on July 29 about the growing phenomenon of Life Coaching. Under the title “Life Coaches Are for Everyone,” they talk about the growing variety of life coaching niches, and about how people are being helped. It’s an upbeat article, and also contains a link to the story they ran on TV. Disclaimer … There are some things in the article

Overview of Life Coaching - and what it can do for you

Here’s a link to a great general article about coaching by Leni Chauvin. I’m often asked about coaching, and am constantly on the lookout for metaphors to help people understand what I do, and how I can help them. (“It’s sort of like counselling, but not really.,” “It’s kind of like having consultant to help you with your own personal life challenges, with some important differences.” “It’s sort of like […]